Investigating Scuba Diver Certification

Diving instructors attended a three day training programme at the Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Centre in Long Beach, California last weekend, which offered them with training and certification from the Handicapped Scuba Association.

Scuba divers, consisting of 52-year-old Jose Luna, had the ability to get hands-on experience with disabled people in the water.

The 33-year-old stated: ‘It was a little stressful. I didn’t wish to do anything wrong to harm them.’.

Aurand aided 17-year-old Gracie Williams, who was born with spastic paralysis and strolls with crutches, as she took to the water like a fish.

Continuing The Conversation

Each disabled individual was aided by three divers who were on hand to manage the air tanks and make sure the individual was comfortable throughout the exercises.

The sessions enabled divers to become certified so they might offer tuition throughout diving holidays for the disabled, while the participants gained valuable experience for future therapeutic diving holidays.