Today,  we will be examining the seahorse.  The seahorse is an interesting creature that lives in shallow waters of tropical regions.  It is a part of the fish family, however it differs much from most fish.  It swims upright vertically rather than horizontally.  The seahorse also does not have scales.  It is made up of circular bones with skin stretched over the bony plates.


The most interesting fact about a seahorse is that instead of females carrying the eggs, it is the male seahorses that carry the eggs to term.  Male seahorses have a pouch in which the females deposit their eggs in.

Unlike popular belief, seahorses do not mate in life.  They are actually quite the promiscuous creature!  After laying the eggs, the male seahorse can be ready to mate with a female seahorse in just a couple of hours.  Seahorses do, however, become great companions during the mating process which is called courtship.  Seahorses are generally in sync at during this period and sometimes will link their tails together.  The linking of the tails is what makes many believe that seahorses mate for life.  The crazy thing is that courtship generally only takes about two weeks.  That means the seahorses will mate, and give birth in 14 days!  Crazy stuff!